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Hopefully you already know about my short story podcast, Form Letter Rejection Theatre. It was short lived, but I managed to make a little impact with it before my day job, the worsening economy and other obligations forced me to focus on different things. Just how much impact became clear this week when I was informed I’d been nominated for a Parsec Award in the Best Speculative Fiction (Short Form) category!
For those who aren’t familiar with the Parsec, it’s an award presented every year at Dragon*Con to the previous year’s best science fiction and fantasy podcasts in one of sixteen categories. Founded in 2006 by Mur Lafferty, Tracy Hickman and Michael R. Mennenga, the Parsec has quickly become the premier award for genre podcasters. Being nominated is really quite something, especially because the nominations were made by the public, that’s you guys!
I was asked to submit a ten minute sample of the program which I did using the story Thanks for the Memories. That has now gone to the Parsec Awards Steering Committee. They will judge the submissions and select the finalists. The winners will then be announced at this year’s Dragon*Con on September 5th.
I know it sometimes sounds trite when an artist says they are honored just to be nominated for an award, but now that I’m in that position I can tell you truthfully that I am deeply honored. I know some of the other stories that have been nominated in my category and they’re all quite awesome. Win or lose, I’m in humbling company.
Thank you all for making Form Letter Rejection Theatre what it was and for those who voted to nominate it for the Parsec Award, you rawk!
UPDATE: (July 24th) The finalists for the Parsec Awards were posted today and FLRT did not make the final cut. While I’m disappointed, I remain excited for those nominees who did make the list of finalists. Please go have a look and then visit the nominated podcasts. They’re the best of the best this year!

And speaking of Balticon 43 which happened Memorial Day weekend, I had a blast! I was kept super busy with all the panels I was on, helping out with recording other panels and author readings, and babysitting for friends whose little ones are still a little too young to sit quietly while mommy and daddy are being awesome.
Balticon is the annual convention of the Baltimore Science Fiction Society and I would like to take this opportunity to thank them for inviting me to the con. I really hope I make the list for next year as well. I think I might, people whose opinions I really trust tell me I did okay for a first timer. Thomas “Cmdln” Gideon went so far as to mention me in his blog. Check it out at The Command Line and yes, I’m embarrassed, but also very thankful for such high praise.
I’m looking forward to attending more local conventions as a guest. Hopefully by the time I have The Empress Sword ready for podcasting, I’ll also have a few appearances lined up. I’ll be sure to let you all know when and where those may be.
Rewrites on the book are going well. I’ve finished a complete line edit of the first draft (boy where there a lot of little mistakes) and I’ve started rewriting a few chapters that I think can be better. I should be sending the final draft out to Beta Readers soon and then start the agent hunt. I’ll be recording the podiobook version as soon as the pollen count gives me back my voice.
That’s it for the updates. Hope you all have a wonderful summer!